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Project Manager Description: 
  • In overall charge of the planning and the execution of a particular project.
  • The face of NMS to the customer and work closely with cities and utilities on projects on hand.
  • Work closely with all facets of projects throughout the United States.
 Lead Technicians Description:
  • Guide and organize our teams of meter technicians.
  • Actively involved in various on site projects.
  • Instruct and offer guidance and directives while being involved in one or more of the skilled jobs on task.
  • Work productively with our administration, customer service, and office management teams.

Meter Technician Description (dependant on project and not limited to): (Now hiring in NJ and Florida)

  • Install new residential and commercial meters, fittings and gaskets.
  • Record old and new meter readings.
  • Install wiring from the meter register inside the building/home to the module mounted outside the building.
  • Verify proper installation/transmission of new meter data.
  • Manage daily client communications, data and reporting.
  • Maintain necessary inspection reports and notices.
  • Provide for excellence in internal and external customer service.
  • Create a positive experience for customers through professional and courteous behavior while producing high quality results.
  • Are paid well for their skill and professionalism.
  • Should be willing to travel throughout the United States.
  • Photo documentation capture: Working with customer service and IT to document initial site conditions to the finished product.
  • Provide valuable information such as date and time work was done, conditions upon arrival, out reading, new meter setting and finished product with reading.
  • Note that the conditions the setting was made in are in as good or better condition than upon arrival.
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds.
 Administrative Personnel Description: 
  • Work with management, accounting, customer service, project managers lead technicians in controlling the day to day operations of tasks on hand. 
  • Be accessible to handle daily trouble shooting with daily operations.
  • Oversee all office staffing locally and remotely.
  • May be required to travel.

Administrative Assistant Description: (Now hiring in NJ)

  • Work closely with the administrator.
  • Required to handle (but not limited to): correspondences, keep files, clerical work, follow up on appointment scheduling and customer satisfaction.
  • Assist when needed with various aspects in the accounting department.
  • Maintain vehicle registration and inspection records and notify accounting when due.
  • Work with customer service department when needed.
 Customer Service Representatives Description: 
  • Aid with E-Appointment scheduling.
  • Offer amazing customer service and critical trouble shooting in helping our customers and clients effectively.
  • Work as a team.
  • Be multifaceted in product knowledge and retrieve answers in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Keep customer wait time as short as possible.
  • Work closely with administration, accounting, field services, lead technicians, managers, municipalities, contractors, commercial clients and homeowners.
  • Work with IT and accounting verifying validity in information provided by field technicians regarding photo documentation captures per job/project.
 Data Entry Description:
  • Enter information into electronic formats by using word processing or data processing software
  • Must be proficient with adequate speed and accuracy.
  • Have the ability to focus for lengthy periods to eliminate or at least reduce errors.
  • Be discrete when it comes to private or sensitive information.
  • Be willing to train on confidentiality protocols.

IT Department Description: (Now hiring in Clermont, Florida and Kearny, N.J.)

  • IT technicians diagnose computer problems.
  • Monitor computer processing systems.
  • Install software and perform tests on computer equipment and programs.
  • Set up computer equipment, schedule maintenance and teach clients to use programs.
  • Programming and developing.
  • Web development.
  • Vast knowledge of system networks and software.
  • Update Customer Information System(CIS) with Metadata from installation photos.
  • Create GIS Shapefiles, import collected GPS positions into CIS Software
  • Rename all photos and append to the appropriate account.

IT Support Description: (Now hiring in Clermont, Florida and Kearny, N.J.)

  • Monitor and maintain the computer systems and networks within an organization in a technical support role.
  • Fix issues or changes required, such as forgotten passwords, viruses or email issues.
  • Assist IT department heads in all IT services and projects when needed.
 GPS Technician Description:
  • Works with IT and accounting throughout each project using NMS’s GPS/GIS services.
  • Track high-resolution satellite images combined with the rapidly evolving global positioning system (GPS).
  • Understand the geographic information system (GIS) technology which offers a quick and effective way
    to gather information.
  • GPS and GIS based data collection systems are used in projects to determine their applicability for gathering data.
  • Works with sub-meter accuracy underground asset management of valve boxes, meter boxes, meter vaults, fire hydrants and residences.
  • Collect data and integrate with the local GIS mapping and or local MDM utility software on NMS servers.
  • Work with NMS’s GPS crews who utilize the latest technology by Trimble GPS. (Trimble is recognized as the industry leader in software and pinpoint accuracy.
  • Work with field and customer services, IT and accounting to document initial site conditions to the finished product using photo documentation capture.
  • Append installation photos to each account in appropriate order taken during each installation.
  • Provide valuable information such as date and time work was done, conditions upon arrival, out reading, new meter setting and finished product with reading.
  • Note before and after conditions from technicians information noting that the conditions the setting was made inare in as good or better condition than upon arrival.

Accounting Department Description:

  • Prepare asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing account information.
  • Document financial transactions by entering account information.
  • Recommend financial actions by analyzing accounting options.
  • Prepare payroll.
  • Prepare weekly taxes.
  • Prepare and maintain employee financial records including pension and hourly/salary rates.
  • Work closely with the Administrator and Project Managers customer service/support and data entry departments.
Full training in all areas as well as on going safety classes are important factors in assuring all are comfortable and properly prepared with/for their positions.
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