Ferguson Waterworks is the Primary Contractor for this project and will be in charge of  all program management, supplying and distribution of metering materials, software setup, training of utility staff, and interfacing the reading software with the City’s Computer Systems. Approximately 900 water meters will be upgraded or replaced over the next six  months. National Metering Services, Inc. will install the system hardware , water meters and radio transponders. Customers in the area of operation will be notified prior to the installation services. Water Meters are located outside of your home in the meter box located at the front of the property or in the property easement. Access to the home is not necessary. If access to secured property is required, customers can schedule an appointment upon receipt of the mail notice by calling NMS toll free or use the E-Appointments feature on our web page. Water service interruption is minimal, and the installation duration is less than 20 minutes. 

For the safety and security of our technicians we request all pets be secured by leash or in a secure area away from the meter. 

To facilitate appointment scheduling, we offer two convenient options. You may reach us directly by calling 1-888-448-0009, where our dedicated team will assist you promptly. Alternatively, for a seamless experience, you can utilize our online booking system by scanning the provided QR code or visiting our website at nms-mdm.com/guest-schedule-appointment.

When using our online booking system, please have your reference number and pin number ready, as these details are provided in the letter or postcard you have received. These credentials ensure a secure and efficient scheduling process.

We look forward to assisting you with your scheduling needs and providing you with a convenient and personalized experience.

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